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Welcome to Chimeras new website!

Chimera is a guild... well I think that sums things up.

For those that were already a member the old website is lost and gone forever so I had to manually redo the DKP so I know that it is not perfect there isn't much I can do about that but I tried as much as I could to restore it as fairly as I could so sign up and please include your IGN somewhere in your account name so I know who it is.

For those that are just joining WELCOME and I hope you have fun raiding and sieging with us. Again please make your account with your IGN in it so I know who is who when I update DKP.

Also make sure you read the information to the left and get on ventrilo.

PS. I will be updating a lot of the site as I see we need it and when I have the time/patience to do it but for now this will have to do.
DKP Standings
Member DKP
MythoSeraphim 9.797 0
Tiduszx 2.929 0
IndigoYokai 155.71557 0
Xavoria 41.7417 0
Kexel 71.2712 0
Bizi23 65.4654 0
Baliso 35.6356 0
Ixath 176.11761 0
Tilran 205.62056 0
kevinc07191975 135.61356 0
Gidgit88 131.51315 0
sara777 99.6996 0
AisleniaIndigo 77.5775 0
HealingNeck 250.32503 0
Laudog 1.919 0
wightning 222.22222 0
Skeletus 1.919 0
ChimeraKaiye 77.4774 0
Sukilei 88.9889 0
ISensorI 22.8228 0
Ashl 00 0
oneyedmonsta59 281.72817 0
Muhammadx 64640 0
Ephs 00 0
smexyest 5115110 0
Dickator 00 0
Legitinc 00 0
Isshunkan 00 0
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